To determine the level of an organization’s safety culture based on mapping criteria compared against a baseline management system and a projected goal.


The goals of this project are to:

  • Determine the organizational culture and whether or not it is in line with the organization’s stated strategies;
  • Portray the prevailing Safety Culture within the Organisation and compare it with specific criteria.
  • Define The level of understanding of the organization’s existing safety management system;
  • Assess The level of implementation of the organization’s existing safety management system;
  • Identify areas where change is necessary;
  • Assess accident vulnerability.


Interview key post holders and from that a customized questionnaire will be developed.  Prior to all personnel answering the questionnaire, a small number of test responders will be used.  All personnel will then be given the questionnaire which will be answered online.   The questionnaire will be anonymous.  Results will be analyzed and report developed based on the results.  The results are both qualitative and quantitative.   Recommendations will be made based on the findings.


The anticipated results of this project will be:

  • To determine exactly what percentage of a safety management system an organization is at.
  • To make recommendations as to what an organization needs to do to reach their desired level of safety management.
  • To put in place pre-emptive measures for accident prevention.