Interpreting complexity is our constant endeavour

In our creativity, we trust all our innovative actions

Changing while doing the job is our most important goal


Incident /Accident Analysis

Incident Accident Analysis aims to deprive us of suffering from same type accidents. Therefore, accident investigation is not only a process. Their findings go in hand with the ability to interpret them. Trust us to assist you in this job.

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Safety Culture Facilitation

Safety is not just a decision and an outcome of invocation. It is more of a constant change in thinking and an error correcting process for everyone. Humans always seek motivation for exiting their comfort zones and Safety Culture proliferation is the proof of real interest to them. Rely your Safety Culture Facilitation to Us.

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Risk Management – BowTies

Risk Management is the solution decision makers depend their faith for improving safety. High Risk entities are mostly interested in a vertical risk analysis across the levels, not a horizontal generalization within the various individual levels. Follow us to provide you our assistance. Do you wear bowties?

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Software Tools

We become what we behold. On the other hand, our choice for tools we use entails stamina and wisdom. Let us guide your steps into your selection.

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Sharing Our Ideas

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts we make the world.” (Budha)

The Germanwings Accident in a TRIPOD Interpretation

A BowTie About

Norman Atlantic

Tripod Thoughts After Costa Concordia

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Software Tools