Organisational-Safety Culture Facilitation

The role of organisational-safety culture had long ago academically defined as a safe predictor for accident free operations, especially for high-risk entities. It is extremely important for any organisation its respective strategy to be in line with the prevailing culture within its premises.

In occasions, Culture needs turn direction, or alter to fit the scope of new kind of operations. Organisational Diagnosis fully comprehends all organisational-safety culture terminology and concepts and constantly works to recognize the signs of the prevailing culture and even pinpoint all subcultures within any entity that may request assistance for its Organisational-Safety Culture evolution.

In Organisational Diagnosis, we may suggest solutions to

  • Diagnose and depict your culture
  • Strengthen your Culture
  • Assist you embed in it specific values
  • Work to eliminate dangerous vices

We are working with you to assist your culture efforts via a series of services that include:

  • Organisational-Safety Culture Mapping-Assessment
  • Organisational-Safety Culture One Day Course
  • Risk Executive Coaching Sessions
  • A customised solution to strengthen Culture
  • Workshop for infusing Missing Values into the Organisation
  • Workshop for Vices elimination