BowTie Risk Assessment Workshop

Organisational Diagnosis has endorsed Bow Tie methodology for assessing systemic risks.

The endorsement of Bow Tie methodology shall interest all high reliability industries like Aviation, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Defence, Rail& Transport, Energy, Health Care, Financial Sector, etc.

BOWTIE methodology and its endorsement better serves risk mitigation by constantly bringing in mind the need of answering 3 specific questions:

  • Do you understand what can go wrong?
  • Do you know what your systems are to prevent this from happening?
  • Do you have information to assure they are working effectively?

It outweighs other risk management solutions as it can effectively integrate cultural and organisational factors into risk analyses. It is also effectively supported, in its implementation, by respective software products from CGE RISK Management Solutions, our Business Partner.

More information about BOWTIE Risk Analysis methodology you can collect (here).

Therefore, we propose a 2 Days Workshop (16 hours) course so as trainees master the methodology up to a practitioner level. The Course includes a number of case studies with the Risk analysis of known Hazards in relation to the Industry.  Training can be further customised not only in line with the Industry it needs address, but also to include specific Hazards-case studies, upon request.