Expert Witnessing & Scientific Testimony

Organisational Diagnosis has a wide understanding of systemic accidents, those occurring in the area of High Reliability businesses operations. Therefore, we can provide expert witnessing & scientific testimony to the areas of our expertise.

In those accidents, our contribution-presence  may be  related to our advanced accident investigations skills and understanding of accidents , which can take us further down and beyond the immediate causes of any accident, assisting  jury and the Court to:

  • Enhance their senses
  • Widen Reasoning
  • Stimulate evidence-sharing and intellectual honesty.

Organisational Diagnosis may support you in a: Aviation, Maritime, Defence, Oil & Gas, Health care, Rail &Transport, Energy, and Financial Environments.

  • We may submit witnessing by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education.
  • Our opinion will help the jury and/or Court understand the evidence.
  • Our testimony is always based on sufficient facts.
  • Our Work is the product of reliable principles and methods.
  • It is our job to apply reliably the principles and methods to the facts of the case.

Please refer to us when evidence seems to leave no hope. Ask for our assistance when you need prove that you did the best to your knowledge, otherwise how else will you prove it?  We endeavour looking for explanations when they do not seem to exist, even to explain human error even when the person involved may only blame himself/herself.

We are always ready to advocate for the opinion we have reached in the case. We are always open to state our credentials and identify the factual basis for our opinions, and even defend them in public.